Poplar Springs Fire Department

In Spartanburg County, outdoor burning is generally allowed for yard debris, campfires, and bonfires.  Yard debris must come from your yard and is limited to leaves and branches.  A safe distance must be maintained around the fire, a water source such as a garden hose should also be keep close.  Proper distances from all structures should be maintained.

The burning of any type of trash is not permitted in Spartanburg County or Statewide. 

In order to burn outdoors, you should follow the steps provided below.

1. Call the South Carolina Forestry Commission at 1-800-517-9640 (Spartanburg County) to obtain weather conditions and make notification.

2. Once you have made notification with the Forestry Service, call your local fire department and advise them of the address of the burn.

3. Call Spartanburg 911 Communications at 864-596-2222 to give them the address of the burn.

Please note:

Each town and city may have their own rules and ordinances regarding burning.  If you live within a town’s limits, you should inquire about those rules in addition to the above steps.

Red Flag conditions will apply to all outdoor burning, including camp fires.