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What to do when approached by an Emergency Vehicle

‚ÄčApproaching Emergency Vehicles

Emergency Vehicles and Scenes
If an emergency vehicle with flashing lights is traveling in the area where you are driving, you must make every effort to give them an open path to travel. If it is safe to do so, pull your vehicle to the side of the road to give them a clear pathway. Do not stop in the road and prevent them from passing your vehicle. When you approach a scene where there are emergency vehicles, such as law enforcement vehicles, ambulances or fire department vehicles, with lights flashing, you must maintain control of your vehicle. If possible, you should move to another lane of the road that is not close to the scene. If changing lanes is not possible or safe, you should maintain a safe speed for the conditions. Emergency personnel have the authority to direct traffic and you should comply with their instructions. It is important to exercise caution to ensure the safety of emergency
personnel and those they are aiding. If you fail to drive with caution or if you interfere with the performance of their duties, you may be charged with a misdemeanor and required to pay a fine.

retrieved from: South Carolina DMV Online Drivers Manual