Poplar Springs Fire Department

Every home should have a smoke alarm.  As a general guideline, each floor of a home should have a smoke alarm.  It is also a good practice to have one near the kitchen and in or near each bedroom.

Smoke alarms generally last an average of ten years and should be replaced after that time.  Check the back of your alarm to find its manufacture date.

Smoke alarm batteries should be replaced on a regular basis.  A good rule of thumb is to change your batteries when the time changes, once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

All rental property in South Carolina is required by law to have a functioning smoke alarm according to SC Codes Article 11, Section 5-25-1310.

As a service to the residents of our fire district, we will come out and inspect your smoke alarms and batteries.  If you are in need of a smoke alarm, we will come to your home and install an alarm for you.  This applies to owners of their property, all rental property falls under the above SC Code.  

If you require assistance, please call our headquarters station located at 3400 Moore-Duncan Hwy, Moore, SC at 864-574-6554.  Please note that due to all the scams happening, we will never just come to your door requesting to check your smoke alarms.  If a smoke alarm blitz is to be performed, it will be well advertised with local media, posted to our facebook page and this website well ahead of time.  Fire department personnel will arrive at your home in uniform and will also be in some type of officially marked fire department vehicle.

An additional guideline to be aware of:  if your home has gas logs, gas heat, or a gas hot water heater, you should have a carbon monoxide detector as well. 

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